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Please use hashtag #Batdance30ATL


Where do I RSVP?

On Eventbrite at

Is my eventbrite ticket good for both days?


Will there will be a livestream ?

The symposium organizer worked really hard to make this happen again this year, but ultimately couldn’t get the permission to do so. As my grandmother often said, “Sometimes, your best is not good enough :(“

Wait! What? There was a Lovesexy Symposium last year? 

Yes! Relive the experience by visiting the symposium website and reading the #Lovesexy30BK twitter feed here.

Where can I see the Lovesexy Symposium videos?

Complete video archives of #Lovesexy30BK @nyutandon

What? There was also a Sign ‘O The Times Panel and Screening the previous year? 

Yes! Relive the experience by reading the #SOTT30BK twitter feed here. The livestream archive was taken down last year, but we plan on putting it back up at some point.

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